Saturday, May 28, 2016

ppr pipe suppliers in Dubai-----2 big ppr pipe manufacturers in UAE.

Are you looking for ppr pipe supplier in Dubai? ppr pipe manufacturers?
Do you want to get good price as well as good quality for ppr pipes and fittings?
There are two big brands ppr piping system in Dubai, UAE.


Raktherm ppr pipes and fittings are famous in Africa countries as their quality is good. And they have mature distributing system as well. For retails, it is good  to choose raktherm piping system. Of course, the rate will be a little higher than other suppliers because they need to maintain the distributing system and other cost.


T-Mech ppr pipes and fittings offer competitive price to their customers. But for t-mech, they don’t have mature distributing system. It is suitable for wholesale company who import directly from Thomsun Industries LLC. Price is really good compare to all other factories. And the delivery time is fast as they have  their sister logistic company.

All in all, we strongly recommend that two ppr pipe manufacturers because they are reliable and trustable. Hope you will agree my point without regrets.

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