Saturday, June 25, 2016

PPR welding process----T-Mech ppr piping system

PPR welding process----T-Mech ppr piping system

1, the connection between the PPR pipe and fitting should be welding. For the metal pipe connection we can use flange connection, but to connect with water applicator must be used with metal insert pipe fittings.

T-Mech PPR pipes and fittings
2, We should use professional pipe cutter to cut the pipe, which will guarantee smooth incision. 

3, Be sure to clean up the PPR pipe and fitting welding parts  to prevent sand and dust to damage the joint quality.

4, We should heating the ppr pipe and fittings according to the regulation time when welding the pipe and fittings.

5, Insert the pipe and fittings into identified depth to the welding tools without rotating.
 6, After the completion of the heating, immediately join the pipes and pipe fittings for connection. You can adjust the pipe and fitting in a certain time if you find the position is wrong during the connection.

7. After the connection, we should wait for a cooling time to use the pipe and fittings.  Connected pipes and fittings should be done on the wall or the ground with color paint to mark the location of the pipeline, so that you can avoid damaged by redecorate.

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